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1.  The content and photos of this website are property of Auto Car Detailing and must not be copied or used without permission of Auto Car Detailing.


2. With the nature of our work we do not offer or imply any sort of  guarantee or warranty. We can offer and give advice on how to care for your vehicle following a detail but cannot be held responsible for customers actions directly or indirectly by customer (i:e taking the vehicle through a car wash)

3. When a guarantee is offered by a product manufacture. we will apply that product in accordance with the manufactures training and instructions. Any terms and conditions applicable to the guarantee will be made clear to you at the time of booking and/ or completion, and the process through which any claim is made.


4. Auto Car Detailing will take every care and reasonable precaution to safeguard your vehicle from damage or theft.

5.  Vehicles that are left with Car Detailing will not be driven apart from to be moved around our unit unless agreed with you the client.

6. Your car will be covered by our fully comprehensive insurance, and every reasonable precaution will be taken to ensure its safety.

7.  Auto Car Detailing will not be held responsible for any faults that develop on the vehicle whilst in our care, that are unrelated to any work we have done

8.  Auto Car Detailing will not be held responsible if work cannot be completed due to previous repair work, undisclosed information or factors that could not be foreseen or prevented. Auto Car Detailing will not be held responsible for any subsequent loss caused by work not completed within the originally agreed timescale, nor be liable for compensation.

Booking, payments and cancellations

9.  At the time of the booking, a deposit of £100 will be required. This can be made by BACS, Debit & Credit Card. If the deposit is not received within 7 working days, the dates will be offered to other clients (unless otherwise agreed)

10. You may amend a date, or cancel your booking and receive a full refund up to 7 days befofore the date of the booking.This date will be stated on the invoice supplied for your deposit. After this date no refund will be given and the deposit cannot be transfered to another date. To make a new booking a new deposit will be required.

11. Payment of balance will be required on the day of completing work. There are no exceptions to this. Payment can be made by BACS, Debit & Credit Cards. (cleared funds must reach our account before vehicle is released)

12. Where work is being carried out to correct a problem by a third party Auto Car Detailing respectfully require that you make full payment upon complition of the work and it is your responsibility to reclaim the cost from the third party.

Paint protection film is a complicated installation procedure. This document serves to set expectations on your installation, and can serve as a reference point in the future.


13. Drying film. Your new protective film (clear bra, paint protection film - known as PPF) will appropriately take 4-6 weeks to fully dry. Do not wash the vehicle for the first 7 days. You may notice some telltale signs of water under the film. We make every effort to have your film completely dry prior to delivery, but if you see some water spots under the film, avoid touching them. They will evaporate. Any air left behind we can easily remove once the film is fully dried.


14. Warranty. Our gloss clear bra/PPF carries a 10 year warranty against yellowing, cracking, and fading. Fashion options may have a shorter warranty, typically 5-10 years. This warranty does NOT cover abuse (such as getting too close with a pressure washer and cutting/lifting the film, or automatic car washes), accidents, or from debris. Yes, this film will protect from most rock chips. However, there is a chance that a sharp/large enough object traveling at a high rate of speed could "chip" or cut the paint protection film (this goes for any type of clear bra, even the thickest types). This is not covered under warranty. The film is designed to sacrifice itself to save your paint. 


15. Existing Coatings. The vehicle should not already have an existing ceramic coating on the paint. If there is a currently working coating on the paint we can make every effort to remove it first, BUT we cannot guarantee that it will not lift in certain places on the edges. We use special prep sprays and polishes to remove dealership-installed (or other) ceramic coatings, but certain areas are difficult to remove.


16. Existing Rock Chips. Please note that current chips will appear as PPF imperfections if we install PPF over them. We have several methods to mitigate the overall negative appearance of rock chips under the film, but the older the vehicle, the more likely that it has existing rock chips that will stand out. This is especially true on dark or black vehicles, as the "dots" show as a light gray/white spec. We have installed clear bra on 5-7 year old vehicles without issue, and we have installed it on cars with less than 1000 miles that have had a ton of rock chip imperfections, or even some that have come straight from the dealership that already have chips. 


17. Computer Software/Custom Cutting. We install most paint protection film by using computer software. As such, there will be slight exposed edges in certain areas that are unavoidable, although we try to minimize this as much as possible by wrapping every edge that we can. We make every attempt to make the installation as seamless as possible, but sometimes it happens, as some newer cars have complicated body lines that require multiple pieces seamed together. This is more noticeable on matte finish wraps and white/light color vehicles. On lighter vehicles, the seam will be more evident .


Dirt will eventually build up on the seam. It can be carefully maintained and cleaned. You may clean these surfaces lightly with a toothbrush. Hydrophobic coatings e.g (Gtechniq Halo) will help make cleanup easier.


18. Badge and Trim Removal. On certain installations we may have to remove badging or other parts of the car to provide the best experience for you, should you request it. For example, doing a full vehicle wrap or a wrap on the hood usually requires us to remove the hood emblem. The customer is responsible for the cost to replace the badge, if, for some reason, it is a one-time use by the manufacturer (we will do research and warn you prior to installation). All attempts will be made to retain all OEM badges and lettering unless the customer wishes otherwise.


We make every attempt to NOT remove badging unless absolutely necessary or requested. Many emblems and decals are on back order.


19.. Imperfections. We strive for perfection in our installations, but due to the nature of covering an entire vehicle in a adhesive film, it is likely that you will see some degree of dust, contamination, or other debris under the film after installing. We attempt to take every precaution possible to make a near-perfect install, with the understanding that no installation will actually be perfect. We will not allow it to leave if we would not be satisfied on our own vehicle. Please note that the older the vehicle, the more likely it is to have dirt hidden in hard-to-access areas without a complete disassembly of the vehicle (which we do not do). This increases the odds of having slightly more specs of dirt under the film. Again, we make every attempt to mitigate this with our advanced installation techniques.

However, if the goal is to find an imperfection in the film, you will find something. We urge clients to consider that this is a protective film and not a completely invisible film with no imperfections.   

20. Non Factory Paint. HHCC cannot be held liable for non-factory paint, as it is often improperly prepped and may lift. This includes non-factory paint such as dealership touchups prior to delivery, that are not always as evident. OEM/factory paint will typically NOT lift. We will make every attempt to identify if a vehicle has been repainted, and will get your consent prior to continuing. 

21. Headlights. We have stopped putting clear bra on headlights as part of our packages. There is a risk on some newer headlights which can delaminate the protective headlight coating. We are confident that there is a greater risk of this issue than damaging your headlight with a rock chip. However, if you would like us to install PPF on your headlights, please let us know and we can discuss options.

 22.Unsuitable Surfaces for Clear Bra.  On our full body PPF jobs we cover almost every surface. There are some surfaces that may not be suitable for PPF (any textured surface - be it plastic or otherwise, some trivial accent pieces that aren’t facing forward, some instances of grilles or fake chrome pieces that are cheaper to replace than to have us protect), etc. 

23. Lifting. It is possible, and normal within the industry, to notice some minor lifting that needs to be trimmed at the two week mark post installation. We make every attempt to avoid this situation but it is normal to have to trim some areas. Don't hesitate to contact us to have us trim these areas. 

24. Relief Cuts. You may notice some “relief” cuts in certain areas. Unfortunately, PPF has difficulty bending/stretching over certain areas due to the thickness of the film. Unlike vinyl wraps, which are a little more pliable and about 1/3 as thick, PPF might require seams or relief cuts. As most of our patterns are computer cut, we try to stick within the parameters of the computer patterns, which have seams and relief cuts built in. 

25. Refunds. At ACD, we do not issue refunds. We do, however, if necessary (this is extremely rare) replace film on entire panels, if we deem a mistake during install has occurred that requires a replacement, as opposed to trimming or fixing. We use a general industry standard at our discretion to make this determination. We want all clients to be satisfied with all work received, and strive to maintain our five star Google rating. 

26. Photo release. Unless otherwise discussed, signing this document authorizes ACD to use photos and videos for YouTube, social media, and advertisements.

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