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Satin protection on KIA


More and more manufacturers are now offering matte and satin paint finishes, such as KIA, BMW and the Mercedes-Benz. Unfortunately, as popular as these finishes are, there are a few downsides when trying to keep up with the maintenance and appearance.

Satin and matte paints are susceptible to staining from greasy fingerprints, bugs, traffic film, bird droppings, standard car shampoos, waxes and sealants, which can ruin the appearance by degrading the effect of matte satin finish.

Due to the paint's high surface area, it can not be polished using standard methods as practised on usual car paint finishes. In fact, there is no solution yet on the market to correct stains and scratches, meaning the only solution to keep the finish in top order is to protect it from day one! Using various professional, premium-grade products that are specifically designed for satin matte finishes. It is now possible to clean these finishes and offer durable protection through a specially formulated ceramic coating and Profilm Matte Paint Protection Film (PPF).We have the solution to keep up the matte/satin appearance, without affecting its unique-looking finish.

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Small £400 

(Mini, Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500)


Medium £45

(VW Golf, Audi A3, Porsche Boxster)

Large £500

(BMW 5 Series, Tesla Model S, Porsche Mecan)

Ex Large £550

(Range Rover, Volvo XC90, Porsche Cayenne)





EXOv5 delivers a hard film that makes-spots easy to remove, offers great resistance to all wash chemicals and can help withstand micro-marring. It produces a high-gloss, warm-looking, extreme hydrophobic finish. 18-24 months durability

What's Included

The ceramic coating applied is not only impervious to water, it chemically bonds to the surface to stop grime from sticking. This will prevent dirt from becoming ingrained in the paint, and make the car easier to clean.

DURATION: 2-3 Days

  • Wheel arches & wheels cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner.

  • Citrus de-greaser applied to lower half of vehicle.

  • Snow foam is applied and rinsed.

  • Multi-stage wash using pH shampoo.

  • Bodywork and wheels dried with a plush drying towel.

  • Full paint decontamination.

  • Paintwork wiped down.

  • Finished with Gtechniq C1 Ceramic Coating 

  • Gtechniq C2 applied for added protection.

  • Wheel faces protected with spray sealant (full wheel ceramic protection upgrade available).

  • Interior wiped down and vacuumed (deep clean & condition upgrade available).

  • Glass cleaned inside and out.

  • Tyres and trims dressed.

  • Arches dressed.

  • Stainless steel/chrome polished & sealed.

  • Door shuts cleaned and sealed.

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