What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

Traditional valeting services are usually based on low cost high volume wash and wax service aimed at the masses. 

Your prices seem quite high why is this?

Our pricing structure is based on a standard hourly rate of £25. This itself is not expensive most main dealers charge four times as much for labour for repairs and servicing, their work is no more skilled than ours. Time is the real reason our prices seem high, it takes an average of 8hrs to complete a protection detail. However rather than charge by the hour we offer a fixed price for each surface. This ensures our customers know what they will be paying for in advance, no matter how long the detail takes to complete.  

What is the difference between Polish and Wax?

Polish is a blend of oils that are absorbed by the paint in the same way your skin would absorb a moisturiser, they also contain micro abrasives that combined with a machine polisher break down under heat build up to remove paint defects creating a deep wet look gloss but offers no protection.

Wax works to protect the finish by forming a thin protective barrier on top of the paintwork and offers no cleaning or corrective abilities.

Do you use acid or harmful chemicals?

No, all of the products and chemicals we use are from the industry's leading manufacturers such as Auto Finesse, Swissvax and Gtechniq have undergone rigorous testing before being allowed on the open market.

The products we use are pH controlled detergents and citrus based cleaners combined with fine waxes and polishes which are reflected in the price.

We leave the acid based products to the less reputable hand wash and valeting outfits who charge less because they are not concerned about your repeat business and the care of your car's bodywork, which can affect the appearance and resale value of your vehicle.

What ares do you cover?

Auto Car Detailing? The majority of our clients base are , Shropshire, Cheshire and the West Midlands. But are open to other areas. 

I am a well-known individual and my privacy is important to me can you be discrete?

Whilst we post some of our work in the our latest work section of the website and on a number of detailing-related internet forums we sponsor, we are quite happy to adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy agreements when requested.

How can I pay?

We accept Cash and Bank Transfer. We also accept Paypal but will be subject to a small surcharge.

Do you offer a mobile service or can I bring to you?

We offer a mobile service on our Valeting services and Protection Detailing, but when performing a detail over a number of days . We will require a temporary studio space either a double garage or similar when carrying out a Enhancement Detail or Correction Detail. For those who do not have suitable space we have our studio based in Shropshire. We can also arrange transportation to collect and deliver your vehicle.


What expertise do you have?

We have over 19 years experience working for main dealers such as VW, Volvo, Subaru, Renualt and many local independent garages as well as many professionals who own company vehicles and personal vehicles. Working a busy life style has led them to rely on the excellent service provided where vehicles can be valeted / detailed to the highest standards.

My paint is faded and blotchy, can it be saved?

Oxidation is caused by exposure to UV light. Mostly seen on red cars with no lacquer, yellow can also suffer badly too, and can be seen where the colour fades and becomes blotchy. It is not always totally removable, the colour can usually be significantly improved, and by using UV resistant products it will help to reduce further fading. It does affect other colours too, but they are not as obvious. If the colour has faded under the Lacquer it will not be possible to save and will need repainting.

What are Swirls?

These are light scratches in the lacquer or surface of the paint, that when seen in bright sunlight or under halogen light, look like circular swirl patterns, rather like a spider's web sitting on the surface. Swirls are caused by dirt and other things being rubbed against the paint, usually through a poor wash technique. Cars live in a harsh environment and whilst some swirls are inevitable over time the majority can be avoided with care. There are things that will make swirls appear a lot faster, such as subjecting your car to a battering from a mechanical automatic car wash, or a wash in your local supermarket car park with a dirty sponge that has already washed 5 other dirty cars that morning without even being rinsed.

On the average condition car, we would typically suggest at least an 80% reduction in swirls, although more is often achievable. Other defects such as buffer trails and holograms, which look like greasy marks that float over the paint surface, together with random scratches will be reduced and removed where ever possible.

Are you insured?

Yes Auto Car Detailing are fully insured to work on customers vehicles while in the care at our studio with full public liability insurance, your vehicle is also insured at our studio overnight and accidental damage caused while working on it. (not that this has ever happened)

My Car was protected by the dealership, will this affect the Detail?

Not at all, the Dealership will just of used PDI polish which makes the car look great for a short time or a sealant may have been applied at a great cost to the customer, these are normally very over priced and a great market ploy by the dealership. They are normally polymer based and don't live up to the long guarantee given by them.

Can you prepare my new car instead of the dealership?

Yes we can. As the customer all we will ask is that you can arrange with the dealership for us to complete the work instead of them and we can correspond with them directly.


A deposit of £100 is required to secure your booking for any work booked in. This can be paid by bank transfer or cheque. The deposit will then be deducted off the total bill once the work has been completed.


In the instance of a cancellation made no later than 7 days before the appointment, a full refund will be offered. Within 7 days no refund will be processed (there are no exceptions to this).


To re-book, a new deposit will be required. If your booking is cancelled due to bad weather, I will endeavour to re-book you as a priority for another day convenient to yourself. If a satisfactory date cannot be found, I will refund your deposit in full.