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Motor bike detailing


Auto Car Detailing provides professional motorcycle valeting and detailing services.

There's only one way to prevent your bike from going rusty and that's a rigorous cleaning regime. But let's be honest - how many of us really want to get our hands dirty or even have the time to spend hours cleaning our bikes to a show room condition, when all we really want is to be slinging it round the next corner.

This is perfect if you are looking for a full intense clean to bring it back to a high standard or just a general upkeep clean to get the dirt from yesterdays ride off. We can also come to your work or home to complete the work.

Motorcycle Enhancement Detail

  • Wheels deep cleaned with non-acidic wheel cleaner.

  • Citrus de-greaser applied & rinsed.

  • Snow foam is applied and rinsed.

  • Multi-stage wash using pH neutral shampoo.

  • Bodywork and wheels dried with a plush drying towel.

  • Hot air blow dry

  • Full paint decontamination.

  • Paintwork machine polished

  • Chrome work hand polished..

  • Chrome sealed.

  • Leather seat sealed.

  • wheels hand polished.

  • Paintwork sealed with Gtechniq C2V3.

  • Wind deflector water  repellent treatment.

  • ACF50 applied to engine block.


Motorcycle Valet

from £7

(approx 2.5  hours service)

Motorcycle valet is ideal for the customer not requiring a light refresh and reapplication of some protection. The process includes a thorough safe was, hot blow dry and reapply of Gtechniq C2 o paintwork, clean mirrors and re-lube chain.


Motorcycle Enhancement Detail

from £22

(2 day booking)

Our Full Motorcycle Detail is the only way to go if you are looking for a full intensive clean of your bike.

The process starts by making sure all vulnerable areas such as electrics are protected from water spray by covering them up. We then start by applying a degreaser to the wheels, swing arm and paintwork, a snow foam is also applied to break down dirt and grime. We then lightly rinse and then safe wash using warm water. The engine area is cleaned using steam and various brushes. After we then give it an extensive decontamination process to remove bonded contaminants such as fall out, tree sap, tar and chain lube to ensure paintwork is perfectly smooth. Once blow dried we then complete a 1 stage machine polish to enhance gloss and remove any small defects it may have. 

Paintwork will be given 2 coats of a premium sealant applied for a quality protection against the elements that will last up to 6 months this also gives added gloss and depth. Wheels and mirrors will be sealed, plastics will also be treated and bright work will be polished. The chain and re lubed and engine coated with ACF 50.




Gtechniq Bike Ceramic

(2 year protection)



Paint Protection Film

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